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Jashaun Bottoms


Jashaun Bottoms, a native of Kokomo, IN, graduated from the prestigious Tuskegee University this Spring with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry. She enjoys research, as she has participated in Tuskegee University’s Integrative Biosciences REU screening plant material for shikimic acid, FloridaInternational University’s NSF-REU developing paper microfluidic devices to detect drugs of abuse, and IowaState University’s Center of Biorenewable Chemicals REU exploring the reactivity of triacetic acid lactone with primary amines. In addition to the summer programs, she worked on different research projects throughout the academic year at Tuskegee. Beyond her research experience, Jashaun shared her love for chemistry and science by being very active in Tuskegee’s Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society and theScience on Weekends (SOW) STEM Outreach Program. She enjoyed spreading the STEM message to local youth by leading a number of fun, educational workshops for the community, and she intends to always continue her involvement in outreach. 

Outside of school, Jashaun likes drawing, scrapbooking, painting, and all things creative. This fall, she will be starting a Master’s program in Chemistry at Western Michigan University,after which she plans to pursue a dual MD/PhD. Her goal is to be a physician-scientist and to work in drug discovery and drug synthesis. Jashaun continues to add to her research experience here at UMBC, where she is working in Dr. Marie-Christine Daniel’s lab developing gold nanoparticles that will act as multifunctional drug carriers for chemotherapeutic agents.