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Sarah Scrivener

Sarah Scrivener, a native of Smithsburg Maryland, is a rising senior at Grove City College, where she is pursuing a B.S. degree in Biochemistry. During her freshman and sophomore years she worked in a bioinorganic chemistry lab with Dr. Kristina Pazehoski, discovering new metal binding proteins. During the summer of 2017, she participated in Duquesne University’s REU program in a medicinal chemistry laboratory, synthesizing analogues of potential new anti-parasitic compounds. During her junior year she continued research with Dr. Charles Kriley. This project focused on inorganic chemistry, including the synthesis and characterization of Tungsten aryloxides.

         During her time at Grove City, Sarah has also enjoyed two positions as TA for Organic Chemistry labs and is a member of the chemistry honorary society, Kemikos. This summer at UMBC’s REU program, she is working for the Seley-Radtke lab. Her work includes the synthesis of novel nucleoside fleximers. Nucleosides are crucial drug molecules in the treatment of viral infections, while the adaptable properties of fleximers prevent the emergence of drug resistant viruses.

Outside of the lab, Sarah hikes the Appalachian trail, haunts Maryland’s historic sites, and spends a lot of time with family. After graduation in December 2018, she plans to pursue a PhD in Chemistry with the intent of doing research in industry.