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Kyle Belloumo


Kyle Belluomo is a Junior Physics Major at University of Maryland BaltimoreCounty (UMBC). Along with majoring in Physics, he is currently minoring inAstrophysics as well as hoping to add on a Math minor before he graduates in the Spring of 2017. Throughout the three years Kyle has attended UMBC, he has managed to become actively involved with both teaching and research in thePhysics department. For two consecutive years he has worked as a LearningAssistant for UMBC’s introductory Electricity and Magnetism Physics course,helping students complete challenging physics packets during a weekly two-hour discussion. In addition, during his junior year he began to get involved with Dr.Matthew Pelton’s Nanoscale Physics research. Initially, he used transient absorption spectroscopy to look at the charge separation between semi-conducting nanocrystals. More recently, however, he has switched projects and started work on computationally simulating plasmon resonances of certain metal and semi-conducting nanoparticle systems. The goal is to be able to compare these computational results with the experimental results a graduate student working under Dr. Pelton is going to attempt to obtain, and eventually understand how coupling different nanoparticles together can change the optical response of the materials. 

Outside of a work or academic environment, he enjoys hiking, reading, watching Netflix, and playing with his cat named Daisy. After graduating from UMBC, he hopes to eventually go on to graduate school and achieve his PhD in Physics.Once finished graduate school, he would ideally like to become a tenured professor at a university’s Physics department participating in similar research that he has worked on currently as an undergraduate, while simultaneously educating the next generation in a subject area he feels most passionate about.